Recycle shop earmarked for demolition

Efforts being made to keep popular community shop in the centre of South Molton.

NORTH Devon Council says ‘every effort’ is being made to help South Molton’s SMR Phoenix recycling shop stay within the centre of the town – despite issuing a demolition notice for the building on the corner of Southerly Road.

The council said it had been discussing redevelopment proposals with SMR for a number of years and, most recently, in December.

It also said it had suggested alternative sites to the popular re-use shop.

But a ‘prior notification of proposed demolition’ has left workers in little doubt that they will have to vacate the premises to make way for a proposed Tesco supermarket in the Central Car Park area.

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The notice, posted by the council outside the shop last week, indicates a demolition date of September 8, 2012.

Manager Callum Rob said there was an air of inevitability about the notification and that he was now keen to ‘move on’ and find a new site.

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“We all know deep down that the site will be redeveloped at some point and it’s important now that we move on,” he said.

“We’re trying to find an alternative place to go but it’s very difficult because of what we’ve got here. It would be nice to find something similar or even bigger but in reality that probably isn’t possible as there isn’t really anywhere else for us.

“But we will relocate and are looking at everything. We are far too popular and successful to stop now.”

Council leader Cllr Brian Greenslade, said: “We realise how valued the shop is by the community, and are keen to help ensure the business remains within the South Molton area.”

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