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Philip Milton must be one of the very few people who believes Government statistics (Creating new jobs, Opinion, September 25).

Statistics that say that crime is falling, while the police admit they don’t record crimes they know they can’t solve; statistics that say unemployment is falling, when non-jobs such as zero-hours contracts and temping are included; claims by the Chancellor of the Exchequer that the economic situation is improving whilst everybody in the business and the people on the street say it isn’t.

I suspect Mr Milton doesn’t really believe them, but because they come from his political masters, he is happy to back the lies.

Lies that say these statistics come from independent organisations. Like the Independent Press Complaints Commission which is run by editors; like the Independent Police Complaints Authority which is run by policemen; and the Independent Office for National Statistics which is so independent of Government it is afraid to produce figures for the Labour Party in case it reveals the truth about Tory Party statistics.

I am not an entrepreneur, and have neither the money nor connections to enable me to set up the type of businesses Milton suggests.

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Neither do I have the money-grubbing attitude that I will only work hard to make myself a pile of money. Milton seems to think he should be applauded for giving a few people a job.

Like most Tories, it must make his heart bleed to see some of his profits going to his workers.

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No wonder the Tory Party is trying to cut wages and reduce safety standards. Given the chance, employees would be working under Bangladeshi conditions, and we’ve seen what the outsourcing of British jobs there has done.

Tony Olsson


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