A mother and daughter who run an animal rescue at Holsworthy have issued an urgent plea for help with transport after their trusty rescue vehicle finally gave up the ghost.

Rainbows End Animal Sanctuary has rescued 89 small animals and rehomed 87 in its first four months of operation but transport is essential.

Mum and daughter Lisa and Laura had just moved the rescue to new premises when their elderly Mitsubishi Pajero 'Bess' went to the scrap yard in the sky after 25 years.

Unable to rescue more animals without a vehicle, the pair have launched an urgent online GoFundMe appeal to raise around £1,000 for a replacement vehicle.

Or they are hoping a local company might be willing to sponsor or donate a used vehicle.

Lisa said: "Bess was fantastic until the suspension went and we have had no choice but to scrap her.

"This leaves a huge dilemma for us as we have no means to take or rehome the animals. We have just moved to new premises and the bank account is looking very low.

"We need an automatic and it can be as battered as anything as long as its reliable. I know this is a long shot but any financial help at all would be amazing."

The not-for-profit organisation recently moved to a new location and will rescue and rehomed any animals apart from dogs.

Lisa added: "I use to have a small rescue but sadly had to close as I became sick. It has always been my passion and I know now my vocation. At Rainbows End we focus a great deal on the comfort and stimulation of all our guests.

"And 80 per cent of my time is spent on the road, either collecting those who need a new home or rehoming those to be adopted."

Laura is the general manager and completed college in 2017 after studying animal welfare and management. She said she had always dreamed of owning her own animal sanctuary.

She said: "My mother and I have worked seven days a week to create this haven. We built everything ourselves as it saved money, including building the units, insulating the cattery and building gates and so on."

If you would like to donate, go to www.gofundme.com/f/1vryu812g0 or if you can help with a vehicle or sponsorship, email info@rainbowsend.org.uk .