The Rainbo Music Trust is applying to become a charity so it can run more musical workshops in Bideford.

A Bideford trust is applying for charitable status so it can bring musical workshops to schools in the area.

The RainBo Music Trust was founded in memory of music-lover Bowen 'Bo' Grant, from Bideford, who died five years ago.

The trust runs the Bideford Music Day and hopes once it becomes an official charity, it can run workshops in schools and for local people.

Lucy Lowe, one of the founders of the trust, said: "Bowen loved music and was very involved with music day before he died.

"Any money raised from the event went towards buying musical instruments and equipment for schools.

"We set up the trust to work with the whole community, not just the children."

The music day costs around £5,000 to put on each year, and Lucy hopes it will bring enough extra to fund workshops too.

"The workshops we put on during the event were really busy and a big hit with everyone," she added.