Discover more about the dozens of air crashes and the crews that lost their lives in the part RAF Chivenor played in World War Two at a special exhibition this March.

The free exhibition is being held on Saturday, March 23 at North Devon Athenaeum on the second floor of Barnstaple Library.

It is being hosted by local historians from British Military History, who have researched numerous wartime crashes, organised memorials to the fallen and even searched out surviving relatives to attend.

RAF Chivenor was an important airfield for Coastal Command and was at the forefront of the battles against German submarines – they would hunt for them at night using radar and searchlights, helping to turn the tide against the U-Boat sea raiders.

The exhibition is open from 10.30am-3pm, with a talk at 11am on the crucial role Chivenor played in the Battle of the Atlantic, plus a 2pm talk on North Devon air crashes from 1940-45.

There will be displays of the RAF Chivenor albums and images charting its history, with people invited to bring along their own stories and memorabilia to share.

Visitors can also meet the British Military History team and find out more about how to research and trace their own military ancestors.