Putting people first

As many of us know, Devon County Council is ‘reviewing’ with the aim of reducing its costs and reducing the supply of day care centres. I am against any change.

A society can be judged on how it looks after the weak and vulnerable. I do not want to live in a county that does not care.

I have the privilege of attending Oasis for disabled adults and know that the information contained in my consultation document is incorrect.

We may all need these day centres as we all get older or we may suffer permanent injury (I hope you do not).

The county council has a difficult choice to make, but I maintain that people should come before all else. Certainly before libraries or the arts.

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I ask that you contact your elected councillor to give your views – it may be appropriate for you to make your views known at http://new.devon.gov.uk/dayservices.

I ask that you give your views today.

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M D Moss


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