Barnstaple primary school’s appeal to inconsiderate dog walker

A thoughtless dog walker is being asked to stop throwing dog poo into the grounds of a Barnstaple primary school.

Bagged dogs' mess has even been thrown onto the roof of Orchard Vale Community School - and now disgusted pupils and staff say 'enough is enough'.

Premises manager Clive Magson said he had been picking up bags at least once a week for the last six months.

He said: "We have a problem with a particular dog walker who picks up their dog fouling then proceeds to throw it around our site in different locations.

"We tried to put up a couple of posters but the problem almost got worse. The school's CCTV has now been updated but we're asking for people in the area to help us by keeping an eye out.

"We don't understand why someone would do this as there are four dog poo bins in the area.

"I would ask whoever is doing this to please stop for the health of the children who attend the school."

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