Pupils learn of potato’s power

Shebbear Primary School pupils learn some excting lessons about the power of fruit and veg

SHEBBEAR Primary School pupils were in awe last week as they learnt about the power of the potato from Mrs Recycle.

The KS2 classes were thrilled to discover that the humble vegetable, along with lemons and apples, could be used to power small LED lights, buzzers and digital clocks.

The pupils also learnt about the importance of using rechargeable batteries, and recycling non-chargeable ones.

KS1 pupils also learnt about the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle, by making gift tags and small boxes from unwanted Christmas cards.

Mrs Recycle said: “Although the school has kerbside collections for paper, plastics, metals, glass and cardboard, and they compost all their canteen and snack waste, they are still looking for more things to recycle. So now KS1 pupils have made a large battery container for the Eco group to collect unwanted batteries in.”

As a parting gift, the school gave Mrs Recycle two bags of batteries to be recycled, which weighed in at an impressive 18kg.

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Head Teacher Sally Strange added: “We are very committed to recycling at Shebbear Community School and raise the children’s and parent’s awareness of green issues whenever we can. Our Eco-Group is very active within the school and we work hard to protect our environment.”

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