Pumpkin punters a hit with Barnstaple shoppers

A pair of pumpkin headed punters at Caf� Karumba in Barnstaple have been raising more than a few laughs from passers by.

The life-sized Hallowe’en figures are not the least disturbed beneath their orange pallor and outrageous clothes as they watch the world go by from their Holland Walk pavement table.

Caf� Karumba owner Lisa Whiting, daughters Polly and Sophie and husband Danny decided to create the characters - dubbed “Pam and Don” - to bring a smile or two from shoppers.

“I just saw it as an opportunity to have some fun because everything seems to be doom and gloom at the moment,” explained Lisa.

“We couldn’t display any pumpkins in the caf� because of the candle element, so this was a good alternative – and I think Pam and Don have been good for local business because they’ve attracted more customers to Holland Walk.”

Attire for the debonair pumpkins-about-town came from a charity shop, while their bodies are made from laundry baskets and legs from tights stuffed with straw.

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