To whom it may concern: We Ship and Pilot Limited do hereby give notice that we have applied to the Licensing Authority at North Devon District Council for the grant of a Premises Licence at 8 St James Place, Ilfracombe, Devon D(24 9BH and known as The Mutineer.

The application is: (1) To enable the supply of alcohol Monday to Saturday from 10:00 hours and 00:30 hours and Sunday from 10:00 hours to 23:30 hours. (2) To enable live music indoor and outdoor Friday from 18:00 hours to 23:00 hours and Sunday from 12:00 hours to 21:00 hours. (3) To enable recorded music indoors Monday to Sunday from 10:00 hours to 23:00 hours. (4) To enable late night refreshment Monday to Sunday from 23:00 hours to 00:00 hours. Any person wishing to make representations to this applica-tion may do so by writing to The Licensing Team, North Devon District Council, Lynton House, Commercial Road, Barnstaple, Devon D(31 1 DG not later than 28 days after the date of this no-tice (as below). Representations received after this date will not be considered. A copy of this application can be viewed at the Licensing Authori-ty's address during normal office hours. It is an offence knowingly or reck-lessly to make a false statement in connection with this applica-tion, the maximum fine on sum-mary conviction is unlimited. Signed:= on behalf of the applicant Dated: 22 July 2017