Protesters rally against Goodleigh Road homes plan

Residents stage demo ahead of planning inquiry to determine proposals for 200 new houses.

PROTESTERS have shown their opposition to plans for nearly 200 new homes on the outskirts of Barnstaple.

Around 40 people turned out to voice their concern at proposals for a 182-house development on a 24-acre site bordering Goodleigh Road and Derby Road.

Plans remain undetermined by North Devon Council, who had advised applicant Wainhomes (South West) Holdings Ltd to submit a new scheme that supported the views of an external landscape architect.

The decision will now rest with the planning inspectorate, with a hearing set to take place from January 8.

Objectors, who made special placards for a demonstration on Saturday morning, said the road was unable to take further development.

“Wainhomes propose to narrow the already critically narrow road to one lane traffic for several hundred metres which will cause horrendous traffic delays on an already dangerously busy road,” said Katrina Andrew, who lives near the proposed development.

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“Many motorists were extremely angry at being slowed down on Saturday during the protest – but they have no idea how much worse it will be when there is a 300-metre tailback from Alexander Road junction.

“This road is the main tourist route to Exmoor and in the summer caravans etc are the norm.”

Protestors also warned about visibility problems for motorists, the possibility of flooding, and the impact on the landscape.

“The land acts as a natural boundary to Barnstaple; it is clearly visible from Sticklepath Hill and would break up the ‘Green Ring’ around the town,” said Ms Andrew.

“The site itself is beautiful, filled with sheep, cows and bullocks at all times. It is enjoyed by all who view it.”

Ms Andrew said local residents were busy writing to the planning inspectorate requesting that they take the time to visit the site themselves.

A spokesperson from Wainhomes was unavailable for comment.

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