The Youtube star and professional eater from the States took on the challenge as part of his European tour.

A professional eater and Youtube star has smashed the record for the infamous Totem Burger at the Custom House in Barnstaple.

Randy Santel travelled to Barnstaple from St Louis in Missouri, USA, as part of a European tour of eating challenges.

Randy took on the Totem Burger challenge - a mammoth beef burger with chilli cheese fries - demolishing it in 26 minutes, 18 seconds.

Anyone who successfully completes the meal, which costs £27, in under 30 minutes gets their food free, as well as a t-shirt and a place on the wall of fame.

Randy, who is also a body builder, said of his 413th win: “Tonight was supposed to be a fairly easy win because last night was a large and hard one, but the chef made it a tough one for sure.

“The Totem Burger Challenge at Custom House in Barnstaple, England in Devon.

“A quadruple burger with a MASSIVE pile of chilli cheese fries that had to be finished in less than 30 minutes in order to get it free along with a t-shirt.

“Eleven people had previously won, all with times between 27:41 and 29:59. It was a big struggle near the end and it took four pints of Diet Coke but I was able to finish and set the new record which is 26:18.”

Custom House owner Matt Spencer said: “It was amazing to have him here, we’ve been doing eating challenges since we opened the restaurant and having a competitive eater from the States take on the challenge just shows we’re doing something right.

“I’ve seen a lot of people attempt the totem burger but he absolutely smashed it. The burger itself was gone in less than five minutes; it was very impressive.

“We are thinking of retiring the challenge soon and replacing it with something new so anyone wanting to copy Randy and take on the totem should do it soon.”

The eating adventures are due to appear on Randy’s Youtube channel here.