Pregnant white elephant?

Sir - I refer to the suggested installation of a Damien Hirst giant statue of a pregnant woman holding a sword to the sky on the Ilfracombe pier car park.

Some people like his so called art, but it appears many do not.

Myself, I am prepared to judge each piece on its merits and location at the time.

However, having seen impressions on the internet of what this installation will look like in position, I am incensed by the whole thing.

It seems to be meaningless. What could be more offensive than a pregnant woman holding a weapon? Perhaps it should be installed outside the benefit offices to represent the many single mums of Ilfracombe demanding their support money.

How on earth the town councillors even get to considering this is beyond me.

This really would be a very giant pregnant white elephant and I dare say hated by many of the town’s people. What little you might get in extra visitors to the town will be well outweighed by the bad feeling created if this went ahead.

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I am not against some giant installation in that position on the pier because, to me, it does seem to need something there. Although, I think that it should somehow represent the town and also be relatively easy for people to work out what its trying to depict.

For a start, we were an important trading port in the past and had several links with the Royal family.

What about a giant lantern copied from the very old one that hangs inside the Britannia Hotel and presented by Prince Edward many years ago?

I am sure that idea could be stretched in ways to make it futuristic as well.

So, Damien Hurst, think again please, you can do it but please hide that bizarre creation in your own backyard and put it down to experience.

Robin Goodwin.

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