Pete the Site Supervisor went on an interesting adventure after pranksters ‘borrowed’ him for a night out.

A FLOWERPOT man discovered missing was returned after going on a pub crawl around Ilfracombe, his owner was shocked to discover.

Pete the Site Supervisor had been hand-made for owner Pete Izzard by a friend, but he mysteriously vanished after pranksters ‘borrowed’ him.

Pete was worried and contacted the Gazette in a bid to find his site supervisor, only to have him returned to him by a pub landlord several days later.

It appeared that the flowerpot man, who had changed his name to ‘Bill Potman’ and acquired a profile on social networking site Facebook, had been on a wild night out.

Mr Izzard said: “There were all sorts of photos of him getting up to mischief in pubs around the town.

“When I realise he was missing I was devastated but this has come to a rather amusing conclusion.

“He is now back at work and apart from nursing a hangover and a few tattoos he is none the worse for wear.”

Bill Potman has already befriended 38 people on Facebook and lists himself as ‘single’, claiming to have studied at Oxford University.