A North Devon business which had more than £4,000 in vital tools stolen is offering a £500 for their return.

The DeWalt power tools were taken from a van of roofing contractor Mark Watts & Sons at East-the-Water, Bideford, on Wednesday evening (January 9).

The thieves broke into the van at Sentry Corner at around 8.30pm and another in Churchill Road between 6.30-10.30pm.

Police believe they are linked to a spate of thefts in Barnstaple in November and others around Devon.

Mark’s son Lee told the Gazette the Watts family was offering a reward of £500 if anyone came forward with information that led to the return of the tools.

He said: “I still can’t believe it really, none of us can, it’s a shock and you don’t expect it to happen to you.

“Luckily enough I had swapped all my own tools out of that van. If I hadn’t we would not have been able to work yesterday (Thursday) but we still lost down time.

“Plus now we have to empty the vans out every night.”

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Lee’s sister Kirsty Coles added: “At 8.30 at night you don’t expect it to happen and it scares you as well.

“At the moment it seems like this is going on all the time, it’s not just one or two, they have done loads.”

The family said it understood a white Ford Transit van had been used in the theft.

If anyone saw anything or has CCTV that covers the area, please call police on 101, quoting CR/002878/19 for Sentry Corner or CR/002879/19 for the Churchill Road incident.