We pitted the North Devon election candidates against six and seven-year-olds at a Barnstaple primary school to find out a bit more about the people behind the politics. Watch the full video here.

Are you fed up of party political lines and campaign trails? We’ve got an election interview with a difference.

Forget Question Time – we’ve pitted the North Devon candidates against some real interrogators: year two students at a Barnstaple primary school.

The 10 Our Lady’s School pupils threw politics to the wind to find out more about the five election hopefuls.

David Sholtz and Amy-Lou Trickey faced Conservative hopeful Peter Heaton-Jones, while Tianna Mallaband-Whitham and Blake Moore interviewed the Green’s Ricky Knight.

UKIP’s Steve Crowther was grilled by Kori Skinner and Summer-Jayne Robins-Ridd, and Lib Dem Nick Harvey faced Amelia Geraghty and Romeo Hleza.

Labour’s Mark Cann was interviewed by Reese Elshotu and Rio Bishop.

There were no political angles here – the six- and seven-year-olds were more interested in their favourite flavour ice-creams and childhood stories.

Watch the video above.