The votes are being counted today (Friday, May 3) from 10am for the Torridge District Council election results.

Our reporter is live at Langtree Village Hall as the results come in today for the district, town and parish seats.

Join in the latest on voter turnout, the results for each seat, and the reaction from candidates and those newly-elected.

The council is currently comprised of: 20 Conservative, 8 Independent, 3 Non-Aligned, 3 UKIP and 2 Liberal Democrats.

Current council leader Jane Whittaker will be stepping down, along with several other currently councillors.

You can see a list of all the 100 Torridge District Council candidates standing here.

And read what each political party had to say ahead of the elections here too.

We'll also be reporting the results of the North Devon District Council live on our website.

Join in our live feed to let us know what you think of the election results in Torridge or tweet @ndgazette or @SarahHowellsNDG.