Counts for Torridge District Council seats are due to start at 2pm after delays with General Election count last night and this morning.

Counting for the Torridge District Council elections is due to start in Holsworthy at 2pm today (Friday).

Last night’s General Election count was delayed but after reinforcements wrere brought in the winner was announced at 10.50am.

Conservative MP Geoffrey Cox won by a landslide 50.8 per cent with UKIP’s Derek Sargent taking second place with 18.3 per cent of votes.

Four of the Torridge District Council seats are uncontested.

The Two Rivers, Tamarside, Clovelly Bay and Broadheath seats all received only one nomination each ahead of the district council elections.

Two Rivers, currently held by Harold Martin (Conservative), will be taken by James Morrish (Cons).

Tamarside will continue to be held by Kenneth James (Independent) and Broadheath will continue to be held by Pete Watson (Cons).

Clovelly Bay, currently held by Adam Symons, will be taken by Robin Julian (UKIP).

We’ll be announcing the results as they come in on our live elections feed - follow it here.