The Conservatives have taken a majority on Torridge District Council for the first time in the council’s history.

The Tories amassed several extra seats in the district council elections – but the biggest gains have been made by UKIP.

Despite the Tories taking 19 seats – three more than the previous council – UKIP went from having no councillors to winning seven seats.

Councillor Sam Robinson, elected for UKIP to Bideford East, said: “I believe this is the biggest UKIP majority on any Devon council – needless to say we will be watching very closely what goes on.”

The Independent group suffered the biggest losses, dropping from 10 seats to 

Torridge and West Devon Conservatives’ chairman James Morrish, elected to the Two Rivers seat, said it was an ‘exciting time’ for Torridge.

Mr Morrish, who was leader of the council between 2007 and 2011, said: “Up until 2003 there wasn’t a Conservative group on Torridge council.

“It’s a lovely council whose best quality is the community that we work with.”

The council will meet at 6.30pm on Monday in Bideford Town Hall to elect its leadership and committees.