The Government minister answered questions covering everything from North Devon’s tourism industry to her favourite flavour of crisps

Home Secretary Theresa May said Conservative plans to introduce seven-day access to GPs ‘went down well’ as she answered local party members’ questions at the Barnstaple Hotel today (Friday).

Ms May was visiting North Devon to back local Tory candidate Peter Heaton Jones, who she said ‘would be a first-class member of parliament’.

She spent more than half an hour talking to local party members, too, answering questions on immigration, health services and the tourism industry.

“I think here in North Devon one of the key issues is the tourism industry and ensuring action is taken to maintain that,” said Ms May.

“The overall impression I got from speaking to members was they were pleased with the manifesto and that it has a positive message in that it is looking to the future.”

As well as revealing salt and vinegar as her favourite flavour of crisps, the minister also backed her Prime Minister’s conviction that jam should come first on a cream tea after revealing she often holidays in Cornwall.

“North Devon is going to be an important seat in the election and I have come down to support Peter. Today was about outlining to people in local terms how much better it would be for North Devon to have a Conservative MP as part of a majority Government.”