The EU Withdrawal Bill will go through the House of Commons next week and will be passed by Christmas according to Attorney General Geoffrey Cox.

The Attorney General looked on course to retain his seat in Torridge and West Devon as the Conservative Party claimed a majority government in the early hours of Friday morning (December 13).

The party enjoyed gains up and down the country, and Mr Cox said it was clear why.

"This nonsense that the British people did not know what they were doing in 2016 has been once and for all completely discredited," said Mr Cox.

"The British people have known exactly what they are doing today and they are voting to leave the European Union and that ultimately, I believe, is the secret of the problem the other two parties have had.

"They have not properly respected the democracy of this country and you pay a heavy price for that."

"We will introduce the Withdrawal Agreement bill next week. We will pass it though the House of Commons by Christmas - at least that will be our objective.

"It will then obviously have to go through further parliamentary stages but we will get it done by January 31."

Mr Cox said the House of Commons had become 'little better than a rabble' prior to the election.

"It had been unable to agree anything, even when attempts at compromise and mature discussion were arranged they fell apart on tribal divisions, and unless you have a government with a clear and decisive majority that is inevitably what eventually happens after a year or two.

"What we had was a classic minority government which ended in stalemate and paralysis and I think the country has seen that and said 'we have to give one side or the other a majority' and the only credible side was the conservatives. That's their view."