Watch as North Devon’s Conservative candidate Peter Heaton-Jones chats about the forthcoming general election and why he is standing

North Devon’s Conservative candidate for the general election says he is taking nothing for granted before polling day on June 8.

Peter Heaton-Jones, who was elected as MP in 2015, says he is proud of what he has achieved in the past two years and will be setting that record out as one of two reasons why people should vote for him.

He said: “My campaign message is very clear – the only way to ensure we return Theresa May as prime minister and we get the best possible Brexit is to vote Conservative in North Devon and secondly I am proud of the record of achievement of the past two years.”

Mr Heaton-Jones was speaking to the North Devon Gazette as part of our ongoing series of interviews with the general election candidates – and you can watch the full interview here.

He also warned he was taking nothing for granted, since North Devon had been a Liberal Democrat seat for 23 years under Nick Harvey until the last election.

Mr Heaton-Jones said: “I am sure this will be a closely fought contest, as they always are in North Devon, but my message will still be very clear – if you vote Liberal Democrat you risk helping to elect a left wing coalition led by Jeremy Corbyn.

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