With two weeks to go until the General Election, here are the latest odds on who will claim the region’s seats.

Along with other bookmakers, Paddy Power are offering on odds on who will win all seats across the United Kingdom.

According to their odds, it’s the Conservatives to lose, with Peter Heaton-Jones and Geoffrey Cox both favourites to hold the seats they won in the 2015 election.

The Liberal Democrats are the closest challengers, with the bookmaker offering odds of 5/2 on Nick Harvey taking the North Devon seat over Mr Heaton-Jones, who is priced at 1/4.

In Torridge and West Devon, Mr Cox is 1/40 on to hold his seat, while Liberal Democrat David Chalmers has odds of 12/1 to take the constituency.

North Devon

Conservatives (Peter Heaton-Jones) - 1/4

Liberal Democrats (Nick Harvey) - 5/2

UKIP (Steve Crowther) - 50/1

Labour (Mark Cann) - 100/1

Green (Ricky Knight) - 500/1

Torridge and West Devon

Conservatives (Geoffrey Cox) - 1/40

Liberal Democrats (David Chalmers) - 12/1

Labour (Vince Barry) - 80/1

Independent (Robin Julian) - 200/1

Green (Chris Jordan) - 500/1