Political switch gives town a ‘voice’

Independent member joins Tories to give South Molton its say.

A SOUTH Molton based North Devon District Councillor elected as an independent has joined the local Conservative group.

John Moore said he had decided to switch seats in the council chamber to give himself more of an opportunity to take part in council discussions.

Under council rules independent members not aligned to groups are unable to sit on any committees.

“Before, I had no voice to put South Molton’s views forward but as a member of a group I can give the town its say.

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“These are important times for South Molton and as the saying goes, ‘an enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine’, and currently my enemies are the Lib Dems.”

The council, which is controlled by a coalition between the Liberal Democras and independent councillors, is now made up of 19 Conservatives, 14 Lib Dems and 10 independents.

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Conservative Group leader Des Brailey said: “John is passionate about South Molton and feels they have been severely let down by the current administration.

“South Molton is an important area in North Devon as a gateway to our region and the future outcome of any development in South Molton is crucial to the local residents and the wider North Devon.

“As a group we will help John as much as possible to try to make a difference in South Molton. I am very pleased to be able to welcome a Councilor of John’s standing and knowledge into our group and I am sure we will be able to help one another in the best interests of North Devon.”

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