The FIFA World Cup kicks off later today (Thursday) in Russia – but closer to home, Devon and Cornwall Police are advising people to keep their behaviour in check.

Police say incidences of alcohol-related violence and domestic abuse often increase during the summer months, especially when there is a large sporting event taking place.

They are advising that people don’t let their emotions get the better of them during the month-long tournament.

The force is also working closely with bars, pubs and social clubs to make sure they are aware of their responsibilities, and to help encourage people to drink responsibly.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig McWhinnie of Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “Most people just want to enjoy the football and support their teams.

“We just want to remind people that alcohol is not an excuse for bad behaviour and we will be taking a robust stance in dealing with any perpetrators of violent crime and domestic abuse.

“Those who commit domestic abuse or violence risk arrest and could find themselves served with a Domestic Violence Prevention Order from the Civil Court which could see them banned from seeing their family.

“Domestic abuse is never ok. Passionate support of any sport does not justify domestic violence.”

The volume of matches taking place during the evening means there is also potential for drivers to be over the drink driving limit into the morning.

DCI McWhinnie added: “We are reminding people to be sensible, not get too carried away and to drink responsibly. Please don’t drink and drive as you could lose your licence, your job or even take a life - it’s simply not worth the risk.”