Police warn against road chipping theft

Police warn: ‘If you are caught this could mean a day in court and a criminal record’.

POLICE are warning people against stealing roadside chippings after a man was caught in the act last week.

PC Dave Simpson spotted the man on a routine patrol at a landing lay-by near Woolsery loading chippings into bags next to his car.

PC Dick Rowlands, from the police neighbourhood team said: “The message to anyone thinking of helping themselves to chippings from a lay-by is that they do belong to someone and to take them is a criminal act of theft.

“If you are caught this could mean a day in court and a criminal record.”

The man caught had no option but to put the chippings back, and his home was searched in case he had previously stolen others.

But the problem is more widespread than just the occasional theft, and on occasions tons have been loaded into trailers by plant equipment.

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Jason Allen, of South West Highways, said: “We do suffer from chippings being stolen from lay-bys every year.

“They are expensive to buy and these costs affect how much we can do on the roads.

“Whenever possible we try to identify the thieves and ask the police to bring them to justice.”

PC Rowlands added: “We would also ask that if anyone sees such activity they report it to us immediately by calling 101.”

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