Quick thinking motorists could well have saved a life

Police have praised the actions of two men who ‘potentially saved a life’ during a rush hour drama on the Torridge Bridge.

RSPCA fundraiser ‘Russ’ – who prefers not to give his full name – was driving over the bridge on Tuesday of last week when he saw a man apparently trying to climb over the fence.

“He looked like he was going to go, so I quickly jumped out of the car and pushed him off the fence,” he told the Gazette.

Russ then had great difficulty restraining the man while trying to contact the emergency services. Thankfully, a coach driver also stopped and helped, staying with the man and talking to him while Russ directed traffic.

Police and paramedics arrived fairly quickly and the man was put in a police car and later given into the care of healthcare professionals.

Russ said the coach driver had been ‘a lifesaver’ and thanked the emergency services for their response.

Torridge Sector Inspector Phil Gray said: “Thank you to those members of the public for their outstanding actions and potentially saving the man’s life.”

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