Inspector warns parents to ensure their children are attending after-prom parties held by responsible organisers.

Police in Ilfracombe are concerned about the size and organisation of after-prom parties in the town.

Inspector Roger Bartlett, of Ilfracombe station, issued a statement today ahead of prom night at Ilfracombe on Friday.

He said: “Whilst the police understand that young people may want to let their hair down after working hard, we are concerned about the size and organisation of some events where organisers do not put sufficient measures in place to ensure gate crashers are properly dealt with, the level of drinking and associated behaviour amongst young people is monitored and that everyone remains safe.

“We would appeal to parents to make sure they know that the venue is suitable and those monitoring the party are responsible people.

“In the past the police have had to respond to many such unmonitored parties where young people have come to harm through alcohol misuse and from sexual harm because of their vulnerability caused by intoxication.”

Inspector Bartlett said police may be stopping vehicles attending known locations for these parties.