Make sure you turn your lights on during dark evenings and mornings, and poor weather conditions, say police.

Police are encouraging motorists to ‘light up’ and ‘think visibility’ when setting out in poor weather conditions.

PC Tom Kerr, from Barnstaple, said: “Visibility can be at its worst during early mornings, late evenings and when weather conditions are poor.

“Please switch lights on during periods of poor visibility.”

Road traffic collisions are the leading cause of death for pedestrians and young adults and account for over a quarter of all deaths in the 15 to 19 age group.

The main causes of death are speed, drink/drug driving, no seat belt, driver distraction and careless driving; all things which could be prevented.

Police are also encouraging motorists to regularly check their vehicle over, particularly tyres, as traction can be an issue during winter months; and to abide by the appropriate stopping distances which will help reduce collisions and keep all road users safe.

“While these are a focus for enforcement and education interventions, vehicle road worthiness and visibility are important in reducing the risks of harm on our roads” said PC Kerr.