Police car involved in roundabout crash

Sticklepath smash leaves civilian car on its side.

A POLICE car has been involved in a serious road traffic accident at the Sticklepath roundabout in Barnstaple earlier this evening (Monday).

Emergency services are still understood to be working to free a casualty from the wreckage of a civilian vehicle that flipped on its side following the collision at around 7.30pm in the so-called ‘Barnhenge’ area of the town.

Eyewitness reports suggest that traffic had slowed to allow the police car, with flashing lights but no siren, to pass a red light, although this has yet to be confirmed.

The marked police patrol car is understood to have collided with a vehicle from the town (Halfords) exit before coming to rest on a traffic light.

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One witness told the Gazette: “The officers came across the bridge towards the roundabout with their blue lights flashing.

“They slowed right down as they approached the red light for the traffic. The traffic to the right gave way so they began to go through the lights.

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“But this car came up from Halford’s direction out of nowhere. It was like slow motion; the car flipped right over the police vehicle.

“People were stopping their cars and running across the road to help. Other officers arrived very quickly.”

Two fire engines, two ambulances and two paramedic cars are reported to be tending to casualties.

The roundabout is closed from town direction but all other exits are open.

A police spokesperson said the Devon and Cornwall Professional Standards Department had been made aware of the incident and was overseeing the investigation to establish the cause of the collision.

Casualties are receiving hospital treatment but the extent of the injuries is unknown.

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