Police remind Pokemon Go players to take care when out wandering on the hunt for characters

A stray Pokemon Go has been spotted in the Custody Suite at Barnstaple Police Station.

The ‘Drowzee’ character has been released without charge, but police have taken the opportunity to highlight the unexpected places where Pokemon can pop up and have warned players to stay safe.

The picture was taken for publicity purposes since phones are not allowed in the custody area.

A spokesman said of the virtual game where people ‘hunt’ Pokemon on their smartphones: “It is great to hear that rather sitting down at home there is an interest in getting out in the fresh air.

“However we would like to take this opportunity to also remind people to keep safe and be aware of their surroundings whilst online and out and about.”

They advise players to be aware of their surroundings and not to put themselves in dangerous situations.

This includes the obvious such as being aware of busy roads and unexpected lampposts.

People should also take care in public places and when gathering at ‘gyms’ where their Pokemon characters can battle. For younger players this should include being wary of strangers and not placing themselves in situations where they are vulnerable.

Advice for parents and Pokemon players from the UK Safer Internet Centre can be found at http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/news/pokemon-go-gaming-gone-mobile

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