Poetry Corner

A Wind Up

Generators gigantic will blight the Atlantic!

North Devon is now under threat:

Our desire for fuel could result in acts cruel.

We’ll be snared in developers’ nets.

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What price will we pay?

The Atlantic Array could harness the power we need;

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But what is the cost of the habitats lost

To fuel our insatiable greed?

Now, what do you see in our wide open sea?

Only Lundy surrounded by calm.

With space for all creatures

Enjoying the features of landscape that will suffer harm.

When the great London Eye fills your view of the sky

And you gasp at the scale of its size,

Just imagine that view, one twenty times two,

When arrayed right in front of your eyes.

How can it be green, this construction obscene?

An assault to our seascape and senses;

Our ecology wrecked by the lack of respect

for our Flora and Fauna’s defences.

And what of the noise? We won’t have any choice

But to suffer the whooshes and booms.

Our peaceful location, the choice for vacations

Will reverberate, echoing doom.

And how will the roads cope with all of the loads

From the lorries transporting the soil

For the building of stations fulfilling the nation’s

Desire to consume and despoil?

So the cables they lay to and from the array

Will be hidden and buried from sight?

But the damage that’s done will affect everyone in the process

So put up a fight!

Will our grandchildren tell that our souls we did sell?

And kept quiet when push came to shove?

Sat back and did naught, not gave voice to our thoughts

And our silence condemned us to Hell?

Celia Ann Merrill


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