Plenty of talk about Ilfracombe Wetherspoon plans

An artist's impression of the proposed new JD Wetherspoon in Ilfracombe.

An artist's impression of the proposed new JD Wetherspoon in Ilfracombe. - Credit: Archant

‘Something a bit different’ as pub chain returns to the planning table with bold modern design for former Collingwood site.

ILFRACOMBE is already talking about new JD Wetherspoon plans to create an ‘iconic’ modern pub on the seafront Collingwood Hotel site.

The national pub chain has returned to the table with a new planning application proposing a futuristic two storey pub and restaurant, which would feature a glass dome, beer garden and sea view roof terrace.

The company has dropped earlier plans to build a hotel on the site, which had been part of previous proposals submitted in 2011.

JD Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said the hotel aspect had been discarded as it was ‘simply too expensive’, but added: “We are looking to build a fantastic pub on a wonderful site, which we believe will be an exciting pub, creating jobs, creating investment and also giving it a really interesting look, something a bit different.

“We believe the new plans are impressive and, if approved, will be a wonderful addition to the town.”

A statement with the application says the new building will offer ‘clean lines, a crisp and bold aesthetic and eye-catching design’.

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There will be dining and drinking facilities inside and out, with ‘wow’ factors, such as feature fireplaces and sculptures, as well as artwork created by local artists.

It is estimated the new development could create up to 70 new jobs.

The £4million development has already attracted plenty of comment on social networking site Streetlife.

Caryn L commented: “I’ve just had a look at the plans and personally I think it looks rather horrid and far too modern for our lovely Victorian town.”

But Ashley Spinelli said: “So many ambitious plans for the town have been knocked back because they’re not in keeping with the current Victorian look. But if that had been the attitude in Victorian times those old buildings would never have been built.”

Pammie D agreed: “Well done Wetherspoons, all we need now is the go ahead. It’s far better than what is there at the moment and like most derelict and burnt out places, lets get building. Victorian and modern can live quite closely together and still look good.”

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