From September 1, households in Torridge will be able to put out a larger range of plastic in its kerbside collections.

Torridge District Council will be extended the range of plastic materials picked up in its weekly kerbside collections.

From September 1, nearly all types of plastic, with the exception of black plastic, can now go out for weekly collections.

Ricard Haste, Torridge's waste and recycling manager, said: "We have wanted to take these additional mixed plastic items for a while and we are delighted that the processes are now in place to enable us to do so."

Mr Haste said if only half of residents crushed their plastic bottles and trays, they could double the load of recycling vehicles.

Councillor Mervyn Langmead, lead member for waste and recycling, said: "Extending the range of plastics we collect is another step forward in helping us to protect our environment and meet the government's target of recycling 50 per cent per cent of the district's waste by 2020."