How you can help fight against plastic waste in North Devon

Why not do your bit and clean up a local lay-by like this one at Saunton as part of the #loveyourlay

Why not do your bit and clean up a local lay-by like this one at Saunton as part of the #loveyourlayby campaign promoted by Plastic Free North Devon? Picture: PFND - Credit: PFND

When faced with the overwhelming task of removing plastic waste from our ocean or reversing the harmful effects of climate change it is easy to think that nothing we do as individuals is going to change the situation.

However, as Greta Thunberg suggests with her book title, no one is too small to make a difference.

Whether it is making a regular donation to a charity doing work you are passionate about, actively volunteering your time, writing to our MP about the issues that you care about, or simply taking small actions every day, it all helps.

Every single one of us is on our journey, don't compare yourselves to others and continue doing what and when you can, making conscious decisions with the environment in your mind.

The Plastic Free North Devon website has lots of tips and the North Devon Biosphere has just launched a brilliant new 'Pledge for nature' campaign which is well worth checking out.

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Just the act of clearing up a small patch of land that you pass regularly can make a big difference.

The #2minutebeachclean/street clean movement encourages everyone to do just that - If we all picked up a little bit of litter in-land and put it in the appropriate recycling bins, it would stop tonnes of litter and plastic reaching the ocean each year.

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To encourage a bit more specific action, our CEO Claire Moodie recently launched the #loveyourlayby campaign by clearing one of the lay-bys overlooking Saunton and is encouraging everyone to do the same.

These particular areas are often neglected, costs the local council thousands every year to clean up and makes our wonderful green landscape look uncared for.

You can join in by taking a picture or video of you doing you just that and share it on social media tagging Plastic Free North Devon and using the #loveyourlayby hashtag.

However If you fancy joining an organised beach clean, we have our first of the year in partnership with Christies estates, at Instow on February 16.

Did you start 2020 with the intention this was the year you are going to take on a big challenge or donate to an environmental charity?

This year we have charity places for the Croyde Ocean Triathlon, Exmoor Swim and individuals can now donate monthly to our charity.

Get in touch if you would like to take on the challenge and raise some much needed funds for our work

Monthly plastic free tip: Save up your Tetrapaks and take them to the ND Recycling Centre. (Severn Brethren in Barnstaple).

Keep up to date on the Plastic Free North Devon Facebook page.

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