North Devon receives six million visitors every year.

At Plastic Free North Devon we feel it is important to raise awareness of the impact this huge increase in population (particularly over the summer months) has on the environment, specifically with regards to the amount of single use plastic bought and discarded.

In 2018 we trialled our Visitor Campaign with 60 holiday accommodation providers across North Devon reaching approximately 30,000 visitors.

This year we want to increase our reach and get our plastic free message to as many visitors as possible. We are currently contacting all accommodation providers in North Devon in the hope that we can make an even bigger impact.

We would like visitors to the area to share the important role in preserving our beautiful part of the world and also to ensure what we do here doesn't impact the global environment. We would also like to encourage visitors to take the message home and share it with friends, family and communities.

We would like to invite businesses to take part in our Visitor Campaign this year to help raise awareness of the issue and offer easy alternatives and ways visitors can help.

We have created an informative PDF document to be sent to visitors when they make their booking with you telling them about our aims and encouraging/reminding them to bring their reusable cups, bags and bottles with them to reduce the need for single use items whilst in North Devon on holiday.

We have also created a leaflet, posters, flyers and a Visitor Campaign Supporter stamp ready to be distributed. The Visitor Campaign Supporter Stamp can be used on your businesses website and literature.

If your business would like to be involved then email and we will send you more information.