Asbestos has been dumped at a Challacombe beauty spot.

AUTHORITIES hope to come up with a plan that will solve the fly tipping problems at an Exmoor beauty spot for good.

Last month £1,600 was spent clearing Breakneck Hole near Challacombe of illegal waste, litter and furniture – only for someone to dump a pile of asbestos rubble there mere hours later.

Now landowner Devon County Council, North Devon Council and Exmoor National Park hope to come up with a permanent solution for the parking and pull in area at a meeting later in January.

District Councillor Rodney Cann, executive member for waste and the environment, said the arguments about clearing the site and who was responsible had ‘gone on for the best part of a year’, until he managed to secure the clearance agreement.

The district council met £1,300 of the initial clean up costs, with DCC contributing £300.

Now the tax payer will have to cough up again, for removal of the asbestos, which Mr Cann said NDC would carry out as soon as possible.

“Asbestos is a potential health risk and we think it’s inappropriate to leave it there,” he said.

“We think this is the work of an unscrupulous commercial operator. It took us about two days to originally clear the site and literally within hours the asbestos was dumped there.

“Now the three authorities will be meeting at the end of January to discuss what steps can be taken to make the site more secure.”