Campaigners call for a safter route for cyclists to travel between Braunton and Saunton beach.

A campaign is under way to create a new safe cycle route from Braunton to Saunton Beach.

Walkers and cyclists have to brave a busy main road to get to the beach, so local people have joined forces to try and create an alternative.

Brad Bunyard and Nick Rice have set up the Braunton to Saunton Cycle Route Facebook page and started putting together a community white paper to support the case.

When finished, it can be used to try and attract funding from a variety of sources such as the Government, local councils or the Lottery.

The group is looking at different options, including using a combination of the roads, public bridleways or even the South West Coast Path.

Brad said they were looking to work with Christie Estates, Saunton Golf Club and Saunton Beach Enterprises.

“There’s a new park and ride going in at Chivenor Cross and there are traffic issues in Braunton,” he said.

“This is about exploring alternative ways of getting to the beach.”

You can comment on the white paper or proposed routes via the Facebook page.