Planning win for East Anstey family

The Civic Centre, Barnstaple

The Civic Centre, Barnstaple - Credit: Archant

Committee shows human side in overturning planning obligation

An East Anstey woman has managed to overturn a planning obligation which could mean she can build additional space for her ill family to remain in the town.

Sharon Turner’s house was built in 2004 on a ‘local needs’ basis, limiting the opportunities for her to borrow against the house’s value to create extra space for her MS-suffering mother, Pat.

“Anybody who has experienced these circumstances would understand our need,” said Mrs Turner.

“Without this my mother would need to go into a home or we would be forced to leave the village. Either doesn’t bare thinking about.”

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Although the recommendation was to refuse the overturning of the condition, Mrs Turner’s emotional speech and the support of Parish representatives Ian Bidas and Robert Blake, who spoke on Sharon’s behalf rather than for the Parish council, was enough to garner a positive response from North Devon Council’s planning committee.

The house had been subject to section 106A of the Town and Country Planning Act, which made the property far less lendable when seeking funds to undertake the work.

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Councillor Joe Tucker said: “We have got to be human and grant this application.”

The fact that a new local plan comes into effect in 2014, which would make the decision practically a formality, also came into play as the committee approved the discharge of the planning obligation, with 10 or the 11 members voting in favour.

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