New ‘SOS Shop’ opens at Hele Billy’s after the last shop in the village shuts down.

RESIDENTS and visitors at Hele Bay in Ilfracombe have been increasingly popping out to the pub for a pint….. of milk, loaf of bread…. or even a can of beans.

Hele Billy’s has opened up a new SOS Shop in the bar to provide basic groceries after the local filling station closed down.

Pub owners Barbara and Simon Andersen have stocked up a range of ‘essential’ goods such as eggs, bacon, sausages, milk, tea, coffee, soft drinks and toilet paper.

“The garage was open from 7am until 10 at night and did provide a great service locally,” said Barbara.

“When it closed we had older people in the village who were having to get on the bus just to go and get a pint of milk or loaf.

“There are no shops here and we’re worried that will deter visitors from coming back here and Hele is a resort in its own right.”

The shop opening hours aren’t bad either – 10am to midnight…