Dog walker contacts police and council after his two-year-old spaniel gets trapped in snare along Barnstaple’s Tarka Trail.

A dog walker has issued a warning after his beloved spaniel got caught in a snare on the Tarka Trail in Barnstaple.

Dave Shapland was walking two-year-old Molly along the stretch opposite Anchor Woods last Sunday when she became trapped.

Dave said Molly often went down to the estuary for a swim, but as she went under the fence he heard an 'almighty cry'.

Molly had her paw trapped in a snare, and after Dave managed to remove it, she was shaken for some time after.

"I've never heard her cry like that," he said. "I think they were put there to catch foxes, or by someone who doesn't like dogs."

Dave alerted Devon County Council, who found eight snares.

A spokesman for DCC said: "We are contacting the local PCSO and the neighbouring landowner to discuss this incident.

"We are also putting up temporary signs at the site to warn people to be vigilant, along with a stern warning that we may take legal action against anyone setting snares on DCC land.

"DCC would also expect people to keep their dogs under close control and not allow them to stray onto adjoining land."