Torrington’s May Queen was officially crowned today (Thursday) as part of the Mayfair celebrations. View our gallery and video from today here.

Torrington celebrated the biggest day of the year today (Thursday) with its annual Mayfair.

Thousands of people turned out to the Square to watch maypole dancing, music from the town band, and the crowning of the May Queen.

The morning began with an open service in the Square, followed by spring floral dancing by pupils of Great Torrington Bluecoat Primary School.

Torrington Cavaliers put on a humourous rendition of Abba’s greatest hits, spurring much laughter from the crowd.

After this, the fair proclamation was read, and there was music from Torrington Town Band.

Dignitaries then took their seats to watch May Queen Poppy Rooke enter the Square.

She was joined by attendants Holly Chanell, Isabella Maslanek, Kacey Ashton, Katie Maxam, Cadee Willoughby, Matilda Vallely, Isabel Tucker and Lola Barber.

Heralds were Billy Mitchell and Matthew Lawton, and the crowner was Tia Lewis.

Scenes from Torrington Mayfair 2017. Picture: Sarah HowellsScenes from Torrington Mayfair 2017. Picture: Sarah Howells

After the crowning, there was more dancing around the may pole from Bluecoat pupils, before the celebrations broke for lunch.

Entertainment will carry on throughout this afternoon, and this evening at 7.30pm will be the Torridge Cup Final at Vicarage Field.

Tomorrow is the Round the Tree Races, and the carnival will be on Saturday.

This year’s carnival queen is Erin Rice-Smith, with attendants Phoebe Johnson and Hettie Baker.

Scroll through the gallery and watch the video above for more from today’s Mayfair celebrations.