Villagers join annual climb of Hooda Hill to erect large wooden cross

People in Swimbridge have taken part in a traditional Easter walk of Witness this morning (Friday).

Around 50 people took part in the annual Good Friday procession from St James Church, in glorious spring sunshine, at 7.30am.

Villagers carried a large cross to the top of Hooda Hill, where the Reverend Shaun O’Rourke held a short service.

Parishioners then sung the hymn There is a Green Hill Far Away before making their way back down to the church for hot cross buns.

One, David Netherway, said villagers had been gathering to erect a cross on the hill annually for around 40 years.

“We’ve had snow, wind and rain in the past – once it was even so foggy we had a job to see where to put the cross – but this morning it’s beautiful,” he said.