A Barnstaple dance company welcomed a special visitor to teach its members some new tricks.

A Barnstaple dance company had a star in its midst this week when it welcomed a special visitor.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Denton paid a visit to the Unlimited Dance Company.

Chuck was a semi-finalist on Sky1’s Got to Dance television show in 2012.

He was also chosen by Diversity frontman Ashley Banjo to be a main character in its Digitalized tour.

Since then Chuck has been touring the world with his amazing talent, specialising in outrageous stunts and tricks; his work has been described by Ashley Banjo as ‘revolutionary’ in the world of dance.

Sarah Clements, of the Unlimited Dance Company, said: “Chuck taught the dancers about natural groove and gave them some useful tips about what judges look for at competitions.

“At the end of the workshop he showcased his amazing tricks and stunts, leaving everyone totally inspired.

“Chuck came all the way from Manchester to work with Unlimited Dance and said that they were a truly inspiring group of dancers.”

He spent an hour-and-a-half at the Mill Road studios, working with The Solution (under 18s intermediate), Unbound (over 18s intermediate) and Abundance (under 14s beginners) before showing off his skills.