Furniture from the inside of Westward Ho!’s ‘haunted house’ in Merley Road goes under the hammer today (Thursday).

Furniture from inside of Seafield House in Westward Ho! is going up for auction today (Thursday).

The items from the 'haunted house' in Merley Road, which are mainly Victorian and Edwardian, are going under the hammmer with PG and RJ Pyle Auctioneers.

The auction will be held at the Barnstaple Antique Auction in Newport, Barnstaple, at 2pm.

Auctioneer Robert Pyle said: "A lot of people will be interested to come and have a look at the items as I understand noone has been in the house for years."

The items (pictured in the gallery above) include a walnut mirror backed sideboard, a set of six Victorian chairs, an oak pannelled coffer, garden furniture, terreacotta urns and three Burgman bronze figures.

Mr Pyle added: "There is nothing of much value, apart from perhaps a 10ft mahogany table which is worth about £800- £1,000.

"The house is structurally ok but you wouldn't know anyone had been living there for the last 10 years.

"The furniture looks much like the outside of the house - it will need some looking after."

The furniture is on view this morning from 10am with the auction at 2pm.