Watch: The spirit of summer is released a day earlier than usual as Ilfracombe’s May Day celebrations enjoyed a good turn out

Crowds turned out on Sunday to enjoy the Ilfracombe’s May Day celebrations one day earlier this year.

A parade featuring Jack-in-the-Green, leafy lads and lasses and giants from North Devon Theatres’ Make the Move made its way along the High Street and to the seafront.

It was led by town crier Roy Goodwin and accompanied by a lively beat thanks to street drummers Humdrumcondun-

At the ‘clapping circle’ by Capstone, the crowds were invited to join in as ‘Jack’ was stripped of his greenery and the spirit of summer released.

The celebration was held a day earlier than its traditional Monday slot after missing a year last year.

New organiser Kelly Raveney said the event had been ‘amazing’: “The support from the community did us proud, I am so chuffed,” she said.

“We just want to thank everybody who helped and I think it was a massive turn out.

“We have plans for next year – we are trying to raise money for costumes and we hope to extend it even further. It’s about keeping it alive, it’s amazing for Ilfracombe and it really brings everybody together.”