Photos: Landslide on Saunton Beach

It is thought no-one was injured when a chunk of the cliff by the Saunton Sands Hotel subsided.

A LARGE cliff landslide has buried part of the beach at Saunton Sands.

The slip occurred early Thursday morning, just yards from the Saunton Sands Hotel.

Mary Shephard was walking her dog with friend on the beach around 9.15am when it happened.

She said: “We had just got past the surf life saving hut when we heard an almighty roar; it sounded like a jet taking off.

“We looked at the cliffs and saw the bottom give way and the top follow.

“It was over in seconds; I would guess that there were at least six tones, maybe more dropped.”

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North Devon AONB field officer Martin Caddy said he had inspected the landslide to establish whether the coast path had been compromised.

“The AONB has responsibility for the cliff path but the slip is over the beach and not obstructing any public right of way,” he said.

“I don’t think that there is any risk to life or limb.

“We get slips very regularly on the North Devon coast and we are seeing more of them now because of the bad weather we’ve had.

“The ground is so saturated at the moment – it’s like blancmange.”

It has been suggested after the heavy rain the recent frost made the land heavier, possibly causing the fall.

A spokesperson for landowner Christie Estates said: “The area has been roped off and the incident has been reported to the police and coastguard.”

A police spokesman confirmed the incident had been reported to them by the manager of Saunton Sands Hotel.

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