Photos: Flash floods at Exmoor Zoo puts meerkat enclosure underwater

The flooded meerkat pen.

The flooded meerkat pen. - Credit: Archant

The heavy rain has caused flooding in the meerkat and otter pens, but the ducks and penguins are ‘having a whale of a time’.

The flooded otter pen.

The flooded otter pen. - Credit: Archant

EXMOOR Zoo has been hit by a flash flooding today (Mon) which has left the meerkat pen underwater.

Lynn Reynolds, of Exmoor Zoo, said the amount of rainfall falling in torrents was ‘just incredible’.

She said: “There were just rivers of water coming down through the zoo; it was coming through the front door; it was just incredible.

“This morning one half of the lake was completely dry because of the hot weather the last two weeks but now it is full again.

“The stream running through the zoo broke its banks and completely flooded the meerkat pen – luckily they are safe and dry hiding under the heaters.”

However, now every animal at the zoo was hiding away from the rain.

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“The ducks are over the moon they have a full lake to swim in,” said Lynn.

“They’re having a whale of a time, as are the penguins and the pelicans.”

For more photos of the flooding at the zoo, click the gallery on the right of the page. Send your photos of the flooding to or tweet us @northdevon24.

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