Coastguard and a local tractor driver attempted to rescue the vehicle yesterday (Thursday) which is still stuck in the sand.

A 4x4 truck was submerged by Appledore slipway after becoming 'stuck fast' in the mud.

Andy Willerton, of Bensons, sent these photos to the Gazette as the tide rose, and said: "Parking in Appledore?

"An ever present problem, but surely this is taking things a little too far!"

A spokesman for Westward Ho! Coastguard said a member of the public called in at around 4.30pm yesterday saying the truck was stuck in the sand by Churchfields car park.

He said: "Despite attempts to get the vehicle out of the sand the 4x4 was stuck fast.

"A local tractor was asked for help but this too managed to get its self stuck for a time.

"Once the tractor has rescued itself a member of the public dialed 999 and informed the Coastguard; there was no direct risk to life and the tide was already covering the 4x4 so there was very little to be done to recover it at that time.

"Local vessels were informed on the exact location of the car so to limit the risk of a collistion when coming up the river.

"This morning it was still there and attempts will be made by the owner to recover it."