Phone troubles for Braunton residents

Melanie Hopkins and Brenda Rendle are fed up with having no landline.

Melanie Hopkins and Brenda Rendle are fed up with having no landline. - Credit: Archant

Residents angry after more than eight weeks of landline woes.

RESIDENTS in Braunton say they have had enough after experiencing trouble with their home phones for more than two months.

Melanie Hopkins, of Colley Park Road, first noticed a fault with her phone in April and since then has had nothing but trouble.

She said herself and other neighbours had experienced dead phone lines, intermitten reception and echoing down the phone line.

Melanie is also concerned for some of her elderly neighbours, one of whom has been left without a personal alarm which works using the phone line.

“What if something was to happen and she could not get hold of anyone?” said Melanie.

“My mother is in her eighties and I used to leave her at home when I went to work; now I am worried if something happened she couldn’t reach me.”

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Melanie and her neighbour Brenda Rendle have been racking up their mobile phone bills trying to confirm what is happening from BT.

But both claim they are told something different every time they ring and have had enough.

“We accept sometimes things go wrong,” said Mrs Rendle.

“But it’s the fact we are being told all these different things every time we speak to BT; we want to know the truth.”

Jason Mann, a spokesman for BT, confirmed that 27 customers had reported a fault.

“This has proved a complex repair involving the laying of more than 120 metres of underground ducting and cabling, use of desilting equipment and the fact that the fault is near a busy road,” he said.

“We started work in April, but had to stop when scaffolding was erected on a building opposite where we were working.

“It meant the road was too narrow for us to work safely. We re-started work after the scaffolding was removed last month.

“We are due to excavate and lay the underground ducting this week. We will then be able to connect the new cable.

“If the work goes as planned, we are hoping to restore services by end of Monday, June 17.”

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